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Maths Support

Maths methods have changed a lot.  Your child is learning very different techniques now which focus on number sense.  These methods however to most adults taught in the 80’s and 90’s will make ‘no sense’ at all.

Let me break down the methods and explain them so that you can help your child become a mathmagician.

Phonics Support

The English language is one of the most complex languages to learn.  Although the alphabet has 26 letters, there are over 44 phoneme (speech sounds), yet these can be represented by different letters or groups of letters (graphemes) for the one phoneme sound.  As well as this there are exception words and silent letters so it’s no wonder that you and your child are confused.

Although there is a wealth of online resources I can share with you the ones I consider the most effective and can support you to feel confident helping your child.

Usually parents of very young children find this beneficial to give them the knowledge and confidence to help their child. This is tailored bespoke support therefore the level and duration of support can vary.  

Examples of video support

Tailored support for you

Learning Platform

I use learning platforms where we can work collaboratively on either Zoom’s whiteboard or Bitpaper.  Bit paper is an online whiteboard where we can work collaboratively however the great feature of Bitpaper is that it’s like a live online exercise book.

Concrete Resources

Concrete resources really help young learners understand tricky mathematical concepts. I can advise you which ones are worthwhile purchasing, how to use them and how to make simple resources to use at home.

Interactive Resources

I can show you how to use interactive resources to help with your child’s learning.

Videos +

I have been building a bank of ‘how to’ video tutorials for maths and printable pdf’s for English.  Although no two children are the same, I have found certain aspects of learning a challenge for the children and parents.  Much of my resources have been developed to overcome these barriers. 


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