My Favourite Websites

These are my favourite free educational websites

My Trusted Websites


BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource I frequently return to.  Everything is aligned to the National curriculum and they have lovely ‘bitesize’ video explanations and short quizzes. They’re perfect for children and their parent helpers.

Many children I tutor have experienced  lack of confidence academically.  Using growth mindset enables them to become proactive with their learning journey. Check out the amazing resources at The Big Life Journal Growth Mindset for Children to help support your child.

Maths Resources

I love Jenny Eather’s: a maths dictionary for kids.  It is a quick reference maths dictionary which has illustrated examples and simple explanations for maths vocabulary.  It’s a super reference point for tricky homework.

Hit the button is a super game from Top Marks Education and is fantastic for kids, as they only need to beat their personal best in 60 seconds. I’ve been using this since I first started teaching.

Maths Manipulatives are excellent online tools that help children have a concrete understanding of mathematical concepts. 


English Resources

Parents always ask for reading lists to help their child. The School Reading List is an excellent website which has a comprehensive guide to books for children from early years through to their late teenage years.  You are sure to find books to stimulate your child.

 Science Resources

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