VIP  1:1 Tuition

Bespoke tuition tailored for your child

This is targeted support and intervention that identifies the gaps in your child’s learning.  Once these gaps are identified and secure your child can make amazing progress.

I get to see so many brilliant ‘light bulb’ moments in my work.  Tutees often go from telling me ‘I don’t get it!’, to sharing with me their latest test score or how they were the first to put their hand up to answer in class.  Listen to my testimonials to hear what others say.

Fun, Interactive and Engaging

We all learn best when the learning is fun and engaging. My online lessons are full of games, presentations and fully involve my tutees.

Check out my YouTube short video for some activities we do.


 The Sessions

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long 
  • Lessons are hosted securely on Zoom.
  • I use Google docs and Bit paper for collaborative work
  • You will receive a short video recap  after lessons with homework explanations, links or resources needed
  • Homework is given to enhance the learning and is not always written
  • Written homework is set on the learning platforms

Younger Learners

  • Sessions for younger learners are 30 minutes long
  • Feedback is given directly after the session, so that parents can support their young learner
  • Guidance is given for play based activities you can do with your child to reinforce the learning

Lesson Fees

Key Stage One & Key Stage Two  £40 per session 
Key Stage Three £45 per session
Younger Learners £28  per session
  • I offer a free zoom consultation call to discuss how I can help your child.
  • Before committing to a full half term (or the balance thereof) I always offer the first session as non committal and invoice this separately, to ensure your child is happy and that tuition is right for them.
  • Click on the button to complete your enquiry form.
  • Once you complete the  form I will be in contact to arrange your FREE consultation
  • I look forward to speaking to you

More about Online Learning

Learning Platforms

I use learning platforms where the children and I can work collaboratively on either Google Docs or Bitpaper.  Children are assigned their individual Bitpaper (their online exercise book) where they can write and communicate in real time.   

Work can be typed  or annotated.  Children can annotate using touch screen or trackpad however using a graphics tablet or apple pencil is better (particularly for maths). This eliminates the need to print and email back homework. Some homework may be sent by pdf for printing. 

Concrete Resources

For my younger learners I advise on practical hands on resources that can be bought or made,  for use during lessons and homework activities. 

If specific resources aren’t available from my educational subscriptions I make bespoke resources and video tutorials. 

Interactive Resources

As well as the usual PowerPoints, whiteboard presentations and videos, I have a large bank of educational subscriptions to enhance learning.

I use lots of interactive games to keep children engaged.  These are great for VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) based learning. Children are given remote access to play these.

Video Feedback

After lessons, I email a short video to recap learning.  I  screen share and to explain homework and any pdf printables which are in the email.  I receive a notification when the video is viewed, so I know that the homework has been received.

For younger tutees I sometimes speak briefly to you at the end of the lesson, instead of making a video.  Teaching methods have changed so much I often teach you what we’re working on so you can support their child.

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